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What difference does service make?

In this hypercompetitive world of today's business environment, you may hear industry experts and management consultants talk about how "service makes the difference". This expression is a pretty common mantra of business today. 

There are even lots of books written about customer service. One of the most popular is Ken Blanchard's "Legendary Service". In his book, Ken talks about the competitive advantage that companies can enjoy if they provide legendary customer service.

We believe in customer service too. We strive to service our customers, who we call partners, in the best way possible. But for us "service makes the difference" has a whole other meaning. 

The "For Profit" Difference.

For most businesses today like your neighborhood coffee shop or that hotel down the street, the "difference" that is talked about is the difference between one company and another. 

The success of one business, whether it's a coffee shop or a hotel, is dependent on 'service'. So you could translate this mantra into "Service makes the difference [between our success or failure]" or "Service make the difference [between our company and our competitors.]" 

For us, this tradition mantra is also true, but when we say 'service makes the difference' we're not talking about the difference between us and our competitors. We're talking about the difference in this world. 

Our Mission

Our mission of *profound service* (which we hope will also become legendary) to our communities success means that more good works are done and the world is changed for the better

We strive to empower Christian church congregations to build faith and fellowship. And to help put that faith into action to change the world for the better through acts of service, care, and compassion. 

Software as a Profound Service

Our business model of Software-as-a-Profound-Service (SaaPS) makes the difference. Our service difference is to help build community at your church, to connect and empower your congregation, to minister to one another and the community at large.


Our Invitation

If your church is focused on prayer-centered faith building and working to make the world a better place, we may be able to help. I'm not sure if creating an online community on the OurPrayerCenter platform is the right thing for you or not. A lot depends on your 'offline' congregation, and we just don't know your congregation (yet).  But if you're curious to try it out, please just enroll on the signup page. Our Starter plan is Free Forever, with no credit card required. 

We hope to hear from you soon. Peace and Blessings.



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