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OurPrayerCenter articles about how to build a free online community for Christian churches

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We're a different kind of tech company.

Many of the churches we talk with are *frustrated* with technology. Maybe you are too?

Some have invested time and money in technology for no return. Others are so overwhelmed by the relentless changes that they've just thrown up their hands and given up. No matter which one best describes you, we can relate to your feelings.

We've worked hard on providing a different kind of church technology, one not found often outside of the secular business world.

We often have to answer the question, “What's different about OurPrayerCenter that makes us so special?”

Here are just a few of the reasons:

So What's Different About Us? It all starts with our structure. is part of Prayer-Centered Networks, a developing not-for-profit organization of Catholic Christians.
Our mission is to provide free and low-cost prayer centered online communities for Catholic churches.
Our parish private community sites build faith-based real-life fellowship by connecting every one of your church members online.

Your members will be more engaged and have a deeper sense of meaning and unity.

What it means to be Built for God, Not for Profit.

Our non-profit structure and charitable giveback commitment mean we are focused on faith building, not shareholder wealth building.

And we've committed a portion of our revenue to charitable giving to Christian community building organizations.There's no stock IPO in our 5-year plan.

Many people ask us, "How can OurPrayerCenter be free?"

We built our business model to provide free online community sites to any Christian church. We offer valuable premium services also to make money to support the platform and make this ministry possible.

So whether you’re a small church with just a handful of ministries or prayer groups or a big congregation our platform can *boost engagement* and create that sense of authentic real-life belonging and fellowship that will make the difference to your members.
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