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What difference does service make?

OPC Staffwriter - 632
In this hypercompetitive world of today's business environment, you may hear industry experts and management consultants talk about how "service makes the difference". This expression is a pretty common mantra of business today. 

We believe in customer service too. We strive to service our customers, who we call partners, in the best way possible. But for us "service makes the difference" has a whole other meaning. 

What is SaaPS?

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You may have heard the term Software-as-a-Service. SaaS is a popular buzzword today in the web technology field. Our business model is a little different....

A faith-based online home for every church member and ministry group.

No coding skills needed to build community...not just a website.

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About Our Mission

OurPrayerCenter is a leading cloud-based online community platform. We believe in providing leading edge online technology to build offline communities of faith. 

We make it simple for churches to connect their parishioners, ministries, and groups already at work in the parish through their own private, moderated, faith-based online community. 

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